Thursday, October 7, 2010

Roscoe and Duke

My dogs. They are a handful. Before I came along and whipped them and my future husband into shape, they had a very bad reputation around our rural neighborhood. 

The escaped multiple times, once killing a rabbit (some poor child's 4-H project) and they were accused of killing some sheep. Jason even got a visit from the Sheriff and the owner of the sheep. It was all hearsay mind you, no one witnessed the marauding. But our dogs were accused and probably rightly so.

I repeat - this was before I came along. I will be generous to Jason and just conclude that he was going through a learning curve with the dogs - learning that they like to escape ... and disappear for days at a time   ... and kill things while they are out roaming.  It's not the dogs' fault for being dogs; it was Jason's for being a negligent owner, which he readily admits. He's lucky they are still alive since according to the "law of rural America" they could have rightly been shot several times over.

Anyway, did I mention this was all BEFORE me? When I knew I was in the picture to stay and was going to have to worry about those dogs, all that (most of that) escaping stopped and there have been no more 4-H tragedies.

We now try to spend their endless energy at the dog park ... in the city. It is a ludicrous situation to have to drive your dogs to the city from the country so that they can run free. But there it is. The picture is them at the dog park.

They are wonderful, sweet creatures - Roscoe and Duke (son and father). But they are ALL black lab - full of energy and instinct.


Glass Case of Emotion said...

I have a blonde lab/ golden mix. And he is such a handful. He has not killed anything yet, but when we adopted him I had to teach him not to kill my cats. He is one hell of a mouser though, better than my cats. Your boys are beautiful!

bunny said...

Look at those beautiful boys! I didn't realize labs were so bloodthirsty. Naturally I am particularly glad there will be no more rabbit deaths. Good for you for taming these beasts.

Melanie said...

Jess- I also have 2 cats and Duke and Roscoe want to eat them every day. It's a very delicate system we have in place.

Bunny, how insensitive of me! :) I had no idea labs were so bloodthirsty either, but, I mean, look at those canines!

Augusta said...

Wow! those are big puppy dogs! Beautiful. I'm glad that they have landed in the splendid care of a caring mama. (and a dad who is learning).
Thanks for sharing.

Roccie said...

I will always, always share my house with a black dog to fight off the dreaded black dog syndrome.

She is so very pretty, but I couldnt get a mug shot of her that showed up very well, so Huck is my face out here in blogland instead of Emmers.

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